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Bank Account Online

Posted By: Alexis D.

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For someone who has had financial issues in the past, resulting in poor credit or being listed with chexsystems, obtaining a checking account can be a challenge. Unfortunately, many bad credit checking accounts and second chance checking accounts come with steep fees, which can exacerbate financial challenges, further complicating the issue. All hope is not lost, though. There are still several banks that offer 2nd chance checking accounts to people who have struggled with financial problems. It just takes a little bit of work to find them.

These days, there are many online banks that will offer you a checking account no chexsystems check required, but take care to read the fine print. While some banks may simply place certain limitations on the account, such as requiring a check to clear before making funds available, others come with steep, and often unreasonable fees. If you’re thinking of opening a bank account online, you’ll also want to make sure the bank is reputable and FDIC  insured, so you know your money is protected. Additionally, when it comes to a banks no Chexsystem requirement, you’ll want to find out whether they base their decision on other criteria, instead, such as credit score. With a few precautions and research, there are reputable online banks out there that will give you a checking account with no chexsystems or credit score requirement.

As far as bigger banks, local banks, and credit unions go, there are several banks that now offer second-chance checking accounts to people who have not had involvement with chexsystems for a period of time. These checking accounts often come with limits and some fees, but most are reasonable requirements. Credit unions, as well, may be a little more forgiving of past mistakes, and tend to have the lowest fees in the industry. Before opening an account, it would be prudent to check with your local banks or credit unions to see if you qualify. Of course, online banks do have their advantages, as well, and may offer accounts even when other banks and credit unions refuse to.

The key is finding second chance checking options that offer a safe place for you to keep your money, without sticking you with fees and requirements that may further damage your finances. While there are many businesses and banks that prey on those who have struggled with financial and credit issues in the past, there are also many that will offer you a true second chance at regaining control over your finances. 

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